Easy education funding to achieve your goals

Fund Your Dreams

Get funding for your education goals. From study financing to overdue fees. Includes financing for fees, books and devices. Special offers on laptops, tablets and smartphones to help you during your journey.

Education funding with preferential rates for government / municipal employees

and their dependants.

Preferential rates for public sector employees and their dependants


Covers registration fees, course fees and textbooks.


Special offers on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Outstanding Fees

Settle outstanding fees and continue with your career.

Advance Your Career

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” —Malcolm X

We believe that the more you know, the more you can become. Our program partner enables you to pursue your education dreams and career ambitions by providing you with access to education funding.

The funding program covers all education finance needs, from tuition fees and device finance to funding for MBAs and outstanding fees. You can even find student accommodation through the online platform, buy airtime and data and get eBooks. All your educational needs are accessible in one place.

The program has empowered over 1.8 million students since 1996.

Achieve Your Goal

We provide funding for your career goals:

  • Fees for tertiary education.
  • Postgraduate qualifications.
  • Executive education programmes including your MBA.
  • All short courses and learning programmes.

We provide funding for your career goals:

  • Study and registration fees
  • Outstanding balances
  • Textbooks and accommodation
  • Laptops, tablets and other study tools

Empowering The Public Sector

Our finance partner provides preferential rates for government / municipal workers and their children. Whether you are a teacher, nurse, police officer, artisan or office worker,  you and your children will qualify for preferential rates and quicker approvals within hours.

Achieve Your Goal

Fund your dreams. Advance your career. Achieve your goals.

Here are some frequently asked questions about education funding for executives and public sector workers.

You can also speak to an agent about education funding for a range of study programs by completing the callback form.

What courses are covered for financing?

From short courses to MBAs, we can assist you with funding options for your education goals and give you an edge in your field of expertise.

Who qualifies for funding?

We offer preferential rates for public sector employees. Whether you are government/municipal worker or the child of a public sector employees, we can assist you with funding.

What funding options are available?

Our education financing partner can assist with student fees, registration fees, devices, textbooks, accomodation and outstanding fees.

Can I get assistance for accommodation?

Our partner program can assist registered students with accomodation options near your institution of choice, to make your education journey easier.